About Us

Our Story

My journey to mindfulness started about 4 years ago. When I started being more mindful it made me re-evaluate what I put into my body and what I use on my skin. The products we use don’t only have an effect on our health, but also on the planet, that is why I started making my own natural products whilst carefully studying products and their ingredients, skin conditions and natural treatments for them. Every product in our online shop has a personal story. I am passionate about people’s well-being and the environment so I decided to share my products with the world and decided to start Mindful Moon.

Lize-Mari Badenhorst


Natural Ingredients & Biodegradable Packaging

Passionate about nature and the environment. Mindful Moon’s products are natural and our packaging biodegradable.

Our products do not contain any harsh chemicals and come in amber glass bottles that you can either re-use or recycle. We also try and minimize plastic items as much as possible to help keep the dolphins happy and jumping.

Let’s make a difference and help each other switch to the more natural and less artificial. Enjoy products that are more healthy, not just for you but also for our planet.


Handmade to order….

All ingredients are carefully selected and crafted on order. All products contain natural preservatives and you can expect products to stay fresh and usable for up to 6 months of purchase. Unique ingredients are blended together to perform nature’s miracle and ensure efficiency.

All good things come to those who wait so you will start seeing results within 2-4 weeks of product usage.

We take extra care to ensure our products are the alchemy between nature’s medicine and handmade love.

Experience the healing touch of nature, try one of our products today.